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Our History

How our wonderful Kindergarten came to be......
A public meeting was called by the Strathpine Progress Association on 22 April, 1971.  It was decided during this meeting that a kindergarten association should be formed in Strathpine. After an overwhelming response, it was decided that the kindergarten should be opened the following year!
The Provisional Committee was able to call a General Meeting one month later, on 24 May, 1971 to approve a constitution, elect office bearers and approve the purchase of land.
The block of land in Brennan Parade was purchased for $2,850. The money was borrowed from Mr D.C. L Smith. The adjoining block of land was subsequently purchased with thanks to Mr Robertson, J.H Akers and Mr D.C.L Smith. 
In June 1971, the Ladies Committee was formed and contributed $1,640 within six months. Without their efforts there would have been no kindergarten in 1972!
In September, the committee appointed Miss Sarah Hall as Director of the Kindergarten and Mrs V Peacock as Assistant. At a later date, after deciding to erect a double unit, Miss Laurel Smith was appointed as Co-Director and Miss Narelle Rutherford as Assistant. 
Due to a small set back, the building wouldn't be ready until March 1972. As the building wasn't completed in time for opening, Stanton House was donated for use by Mr W.H Bowden. 
Strathpine Kindergarten became a fully established affiliated kindergarten in their own building 18 months on from there just being a constitution!